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Under Eye Roller

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This serum comes in a 5ml roller and contains grapeseed oil, vitamin E, frankincense lavender and lemon essential oils.

Frankincense essential oil has many benefits including promotes skin regeneration, evens out skin tone, and fights micro-wrinkles.

Lavender essential oil is well known for healing skin. It is great for reducing skin inflammation, discoloration, and puffyness around eyes.

Lemon essential oil helps with lightening skin (dark circles) + reducing hyperpigmentation. We use very little of this because it can increase you skins sensitivity to the sun.

Vitamin E Oil is a natural moisturizer that protect the skin cells from damage and maintains the skins oil balance.


not approved by the FDA 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gayla Davidson
Eye roller

I am very happy with the eye roller and especially love essential oil rollers I have purchased from girlynature! The goat milk lotion, shower soap and facial moisturizer are my staple skincare routine. Thanks for being passionate about all natural products!

Works wonders!

I love this under eye roller!! Makes me look like I've actually got sleep. 😆

Taylor A.
Miracle worker!

When I tell y’all I have the worst dark circles no matter what, I mean it. Let me just say these under eye rollers have SAVED me! 10/10 recommend!