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Mocha Mud Mask

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Our facial powders come in 2oz glass jars and are handmade in small batches on our lil homestead. You will love these masks for their customizable options. 

Skin type : dry + dull 

Benefits: Kaolin Clay is known for managing dry skin, preventing acne, helps maintain the natural ph of your skin. Coffee is known for reducing inflammation and kills acne causing bacteria. Cocoa Powder can help with skin renewal and bring blood flow to the surface revealing new bright skin. Goats Milk is known for repairing the skins barrier, reducing acne, and preventing fine lines & wrinkles. 

Instructions: mix equals parts (around 1tsp) of powder + liquid of choice (water, yogurt, rose water,apple cider vinegar, Breastmilk are good options) in a small dish until it becomes a paste. Apply to your clean face with your fingers or a silicon spatula. Leave on 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. For best practice follow up with our Goats Milk Moisturizer. 

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Goats Milk, Cocoa Powder, Coffee

warning: not approved by the FDA, if irritation occurs stop use immediately.

Customer Reviews

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The only word is fabulous!

I got this mask in the subscription box order and it's sooooo good. Seriously fabulous. It's easy to mix together and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I love the coffee component because the caffeine is great for bloodflow. This smells absolutely delicious when I'm using it. I've tried this mixed with yogurt and breastmilk so far.

This is a MUST HAVE product!


If you are looking for a soft and smooth face here ya go! Nothing like the smell of coffee to refresh ya! Love it!