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Love Potion Massage Oil

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The essential oils we’ve chosen for this scent are most known for helping uplift, mellow out, and are considered a natural aphrodisiac. 

Love Potion — orange lavender ylang ylang patchouli jasmine sandalwood 

** 4oz plastic bottle**

Sweet Almond of the most popular oils for massage due to its slightly oily consistency which allows for a complete massage without continual re-application. This non-greasy oil nourishes the skin while helping to relieve muscular aches and pains.

Grapeseed Oil - This light oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, boasting many benefits to the skin, including anti-aging & skin repairing properties. Grapeseed oil is a fast absorbing oil and is one of the best oils for massage due to its smooth glide & easy absorption.

not approved by the FDA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great incentive for a massage!

Both my husband and I love the smell and feel of this massage oil. The scent is really soothing- my husband loves it and almost falls asleep when I'm rubbing his back. I love that it's body safe and doesn't have any crazy artificial ingredients. It absorbs really well afterwards and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Perfect little massage oil

Smells very pleasant and easy to use! :)

Jerica Johnson
Feels So Luxurious!

I love the massage oil for not only just massages but also for it’s other purpose, a natural & non-toxic lube! It is not sticky at all so it makes it perfect to use for either. It is wonderfully scented with essential oils (bonus: the oils that are used for the Love Potion scent create a natural aphrodisiac—so they help to set the mood in the bedroom!) Side note: it is tasteless. Getting a back massage with this oil leaves your skin feeling smooth & moisturized and it makes an at-home massage feel very luxurious.