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Essential Oil Rollers

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Our essential oil rollers were carefully crafted with targets in mind. They come in a 10ml glass bottle and have a metal roller ball. Read below to find out what each one targets. 

sleep aid:

These oils are known for helping you get calmed down and relax. This is a blend many have seen success when being used for sleep support. 

*ingredients - lavender, Cedarwood, frankincense, Grapeseed oil 


These oils are known for uplifting the mood and helping you kick any negative thoughts out. This is a blend many have seen success when it comes to helping with depression + anxiety. 

*ingredients- patchouli, frankincense, Orange, Grapeseed oil 

headache relief: 

There oils are known for aiding in kicking a headache to the curb. This is a blend many have seen success when using for sinus headaches, hormonal headaches, and headaches they don’t know what even triggered them. 

*ingredients - peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, Grapeseed oil 



Remember we are not a doctor and do not claim to be one. Use these at your own discretion. We’re simply letting you know the ingredients, why we chose them, and what they’re known for. 

Not approved by the FDA— if irritation occurs stop use immediately. 

Customer Reviews

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Love these!!

I have used all of these except the love potion. I use the headache one quiet often and I love it! I use the sleep aid one on my kids when they have trouble going to sleep at night. And the breathe one is amazing when you are congested!