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Dry Shampoo Powder

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The arrowroot powder will suck up oils very quickly and efficiently without leaving your scalp itchy and dry. The kaolin clay we’ve added will also help aid in controlling oils, dandruff, and even helps prevent breakage. Alma berry powder helps strengthen, grow, and can help get rid of dry/itchy scalp. It’s often referred to as the only “medication” your hair needs. 🤭 We've added Cedarwood and lavender essential oils to help aid in hair growth, fighting bacteria & dandruff, and keeps odors away. 


 Instructions: Sprinkle or tap powder directly into your roots and work the powder into your hair with an old make-up brush, your fingers, or a hair brush. Brush your hair thoroughly to remove any excess powder. We recommend applying to hair just before bed for perfect to go hair the next day!

Ingredients: arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, alma berry, (cocoa powder if dark is chosen) Cedarwood + Lavender Essential Oils 

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Pratis

I’m a dry shampoo JUNKIE.!. I have bought all of the brands, tried them all… I purchased the dark dry shampoo and FINALLY I don’t have a terrible white residue left behind.!. My hair feels so fresh and smells good… I like to wash my hair twice a week and this really helps me achieve that.!.

Karli Stubblefield
Great on clean hair, also!

I have been using this on my clean hair as a texturizing powder. I get volume and texture without a sticky hold and it doesn't make my hair look dull/dirty like name brand powders. My hair is light brown streaked with natural gray and the light color leaves no visible residue.

Best dry shampoo ever

I had always tried the dry shampoos from the store, and they always made my hair look even wore than before. I absolutely love this dry shampoo powder. And it smells so good!


I love sprinkling in my hair for a great refresher!