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Detox Facial Mask

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Our facial powders come in 2oz glass jars and are handmade in small batches on our lil homestead. You will love these masks for their customizable options. 

Skin type : very oily acne prone 

Benefits: Bentonite Clay is known for removing toxins, first and impurities from the skin + treating acne. Activated Charcoal is known for shrinking pours, minimizes oils, and detoxing. Turmeric is known for lighting + brightening skin tone, and reduce dark spots.Goats Milk is known for repairing the skins barrier, reducing acne, and preventing fine lines & wrinkles. 

Instructions: mix around 1tbsp of powder + 1tsp of liquid (water, yogurt, rose water,apple cider vinegar, Breastmilk are good options) in a small dish until it becomes a paste. Apply to your clean face with your fingers or a silicon spatula. Leave on 10 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. For best practice follow up with our Goats Milk Moisturizer. 

ingredients: bentonite clay, goat milk, activated charcoal, turmeric 

warning: not approved by the FDA, if irritation occurs stop use immediately.